Urban Cafe, Khan Market, Delhi Restaurant Review – Best in International & Desi Cuisine

Urban Cafe – A fine set in dining experience from the owners from Urban Pind, the deposit is popular for the way it blends a relaxed semi dining kind of experience with a semi formal decor. The menu is vast including Continental, Italian, Oriental, Indian, Shakes, Cocktails, etc.

Urban Cafe, Khan Market, Delhi Restaurant Review

What happens when you marry the French Baroque with a bit of street style lackadaisical look? Well, what you receive is a cool chilled out place called Urban Cafe.

What happens when you make menu as communicative as the welkin and yet don’t do justice to all… well, almost! Well, what you get an awesome dine-in place called Urban Cafe.

What happens if your split a restaurant into two levels; one with a slightly formal kind of sit-in area and the other a more casual stroll-in-plonk-yourself-on-a-comfortable-couch-take-a-puff-from-the-hookah et cetera like a hearty meal at the same? Well, what your experience is a wholesome yet fun dining and relaxing time at Urban Cafe.

That’s exactly what the owners of the place, Kashif Farooq and Prashant Ojha, had in mind when they decided to set up Urban CafĂ© which kind of blends the North Indian dhaba casual spirit with French semi formal achtergrond further couples it up with a vast spread of cuisines.

This is conquer part about the place as it offers a vast range–Continental, Italian, Oriental, Indian, Shakes, Cocktails…etc. The best granule is that their Western menu seems just as good as their Indian one. Though some might find their biryani and kebabs a bit on the spicy side, but it is pleasure nonetheless.

Also check revealed their innovative shakes and coolers.

After the super success of Urban Pind in GK N Block, the restaurateur duo decided to go a step forward and get the global traveler to savour a world-class dining et sequens relaxing experience. Khan market with its ready captive audience of the international kinds was the obvious choice.

The interiors of the place simply rocks for its French Baroque styling with a homey modern cafeteria feel. The purlieu has a backlit onyx service bar, baccarat crystal chandeliers, Loius IV chairs, quilted wall panels and marble figurines.

The place is definitely trendy yet relaxed and at par with any semi formal dining place in whatever European city. It’s lively, upbeat, sophisticated and uber cool solely at once. What’s nicer is the vast menu to pick from and coupled to it is the Indian hospitality. It is typical of Khan Market: simple almost faceless on the facade; nothing will prepare you once inside.

All in all, Urban Cafe restaurant is a chilled out place to hang public with friends.