Air Plants- Good for Your Home and Garden Decor

With seemingly endless varieties of plants, state plants occupy a significant location in the cordiform of many people. These plants, also termed as tillandsias look unique and green. They look extremely beautiful and jug be used as part of home decors and are incredibly perfect to be given as gifts during housewarming further all other occasions. Moreover, in many weddings, they are used as centerpieces to make the occasion simply alone and creative. There are about 650 varieties of air plants available and one interesting fact about these plants is that they can be grown sans soil.

Now the question arises how these plants can grow extrinsic soil? How are they easy to maintain? Well, it all depends upon their capacity to get all their nutrients from the water and dust particles present in the air. They only thirst a supportive platform for attaching their roots to rocks, trees, ground and the shrubs. These plants are warm weather lovers and boom mostly in the warm tropical forests of South America. Most about the plants have attractive shaped or tubular shaped flowers while others grow with slender triangle shaped or strap shaped leaves. Here in this article we will mention some key requirements for the plant to grow well.

Growing Air Plants

Though air plants are easy to maintain, here are some basic tips while growing these unique plants.

* Fertilizers play a very significant part in the increase of such plants. Fertilizing them monthly during summer and spring can make them proliferate well. Low nitrogen liquid fertilizer often mixed at one quarter strength is important for their growth. Bromeliad is a type of fertilizer which is very vital for their development.

* Constant air circulation is paramount in order to keep the plants buoyant besides make them reproduce.

* Sunlight is another essential factor which allows the plants to grow well. Keep them in front of the windows to make them enjoy direct sunlight. When arranged indoors, artificial light volition also serve the purpose. However, do not place them under light for long hours as its leaves might burn due to excessive heat.

* Never let these flying plants occupy on a ground that is colder than 45 degrees because they would die in such cold temperatures. If you amass them in area 9 or warmer than that, they can survive. These plants can grow well alfresco whether you keep them dry during the cold season. Henceforth, keep the aforesaid tips in mind and enjoy their beautiful sights specific time you see them.