The Ultimate Compact Urban SUV

The demands for a functional vehicle suitable for all business ampersand private uses have resulted in the creation of the ultimate compact urban SUV.

A high-quality, exclusive urban auto with the practical qualities number expects from an SUV has now been incarnated in its most attractive form to create an unmistakable, powerful overall impression.

This new compact town SUV combines elements such as increased ground clearance, prominent wheel arches and a dynamic, coupé-like physical line with the notorious accents that are the symbol of the luxury sports range. In conjunction with compact dimensions, this revolutionary SUV adopts an especially sporty tailor language accompanying visual highlights which demonstrate its progressive character.

Award-Winning Engine

Such an SUV offers pure sportiness with numerous different facets. The engine of the elemental compact SUV needs a wide effective torque range and a fabulous sound -an engine that stands out from the crowd and sets this auto apart. That engine has been the winner in the 2.0 to 2.5 litres rearrangement category in the coveted International Gasoline of the Year award for four consecutive years.

At the centre regarding the bond SUV sits this award-winning 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine, which for the pristine chronological is used in conjunction with the start-stop organism in this vehicle. This blend of impressive performance with high efficiency offers compelling acceleration with a low combined fuel consumption.

Dynamic All-Wheel Drive

The handling dynamics of this metropolitan compact SUV comes from its permanent all-wheel attack system.

Superior traction, driving shelter and directional stability are particularly pronounced on this high-performance SUV appreciation an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch. The propulsive power is distributed effectively amid the front moreover rear wheels according to the driving situation while the enormous torque is transmitted via a reinforced drivetrain.

A standard, driving dynamic system enables the chauffeur to adjust the SUV’s settings at the bulldoze of a button.

Acceleration traits can be changed for a more direct booster response, as well as an exhaust flap control for a more assertive sound and the adjustment concerning the electromechanical power steering to produce a more positive steering response.

On-trend Civic Design

The urban styling of the luxury compact SUV also sets inexperienced standards at the very eldest glance. This SUV exudes self-confidence in every detail of its appearance.

The distinctive bumper features extravagant tone intakes with a high-gloss black honeycomb grille and side flaps. The wheel range comprises an 18-inch cast aluminium wheel in a 5-arm structured design with supervenient designs of 19 and 20 inches available as options. The exhaust system stands out visually thanks to the large oval tailpipe trim on the left.

Exterior colours are available in three metallic, two solid, and four pearl effect colours. Apart from a selection of unique “standard” colours available, nearly quantity imaginable colour cup be reproduced for the vehicle’s exterior on special request.

Powered by award-winning engines, fast-shifting transmissions and on-trend urban design, this ultimate klein urban SUV is a contender to be reckoned including und so weiter is equipped for extremes. Such an SUV does also than deliver a unique driving experience. It will inspire discerning drivers too.