Hudson Concrete Polishing’s Concrete Polishing Artisans Are Transforming Urban Design

Cavalier Concrete is a term old to specify to concrete that has been hardened using a chemical densifier and then exposed to progressively finer grinding tools in order to fruitful a shiny finish. In most cases, the grinding tools utilize diamond grinding cup wheels and polishing pads that begin with relatively coarse grits and ultimately conclude up with mere fine nerve levels. Typically, concrete cannot verbreken considered “polished” until a 400 grit diamond grinding cup wheel is used, albeit most professionals will polish the concrete with up to a 3,000 grit level wheel. The idiographic can be colored or stained to enhance the finish and designs are often etched into the surface to provide earnings and artistic touches.

Polished combine is frequent used as an preference flooring corporeal due to it’s relative cheap cost to install, it’s durability et alii low maintenance requirements. It is often the flooring material of choice for both residential and commercial applications due to the fact that many buildings are constructed on concrete slabs. By polishing the existing material, homeowners and business owners alike can reserve a considerable run into of money und so weiter can be an easy eldest step towards creating a another eco-friendly building solution.

As mentioned previously, polished concrete floors offer a low maintenance flooring solution in that they do not require quantity specialized thought and are dupable to clean. In most cases, a weekly mopping with warm humidity and soap is all that is needed to keep a polished concrete floor looking great.

In addition to it’s low maintenance needs, polished compound floors are highly durable and promote a healthier indoor environment as the non-porous surface resists mold growth and discourages the reproduction regarding strew mites moreover distinct allergens. Many flooring solutions are softer and do not resist denting and chipping like concrete does. Even porcelain, which has an anticipated lifespan of 100 years is expected to fail before olished concrete flooring.

Anecdotal evidence also suggests that the high-pitched reflectibility of burnish concrete floors decreases the need for supplemental lighting. Buffed concrete floors are finished with a reflective outside which can recycle natural and artificial light well which reduces dependence on supplemental lighting and reduces largely operating costs.

Hudson Concrete Polishing is and family owned and operated concrete polishing business headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. Paul Huneck and his team of highly skilled contractors and artisans container afflatus the custom-made polished concrete floor you’ve always dreamed of. They have been providing charming polished concrete floors to homeowners and organizations alike for over 15 years.

Hudson Concrete Polishing offers a genus of services that include pragmatic floor restoration, concrete polishing, installing self leveling overlays, and the installation of specialized accessories. The professionals at Hudson Concrete Polishing have provided covering notch concrete polishing services to the following property types:

Luxury Residential

Art Galleries


Grocery Stores

Retail Stores, Shopping Centers and Malls

Office Buildings


Self Storage

Distribution Centers

Medical moreover Hospital

Dog Kennels


So, provided you are in the market to have your floors refinished in your home or business, consider having Hudson Concrete Polishers come out including give you a quote for polishing your existing concrete slab and creating a beautiful, durable and lone defeat that your neighbors intention be talking about for years to come.