Tilandsia- A Right Choice to Beautify Your Home or Garden

Pollution today is greatly polluting the air and threatening the environment a lot. In such cases, finding solutions to purify the air should indiging your top priority. People today are looking for options that look different and appealing. In case provided you want something special for your garden to ogle amazing, then air plants is one best choice. With ample of varieties, Tilandsia is person from its kinds. These species looks astonishing and one best thing about these plants is that they require no soil to grow. Moreover, their appearance is perfect for every city and for all garden. They regenerate animation and pastel everywhere wherever they are located.
Though found in the tropical forest lands, Tilandsia tin be grown everywhere. Only one thing it requires is a supportive platform to grow and blossom. Air plants are really manageable to exist taken care of. Here in this article we will talk about the different requirements of air plants.


As compared to other plants, the water intake of these air plants is more. However, this does not actually mean to immerse them in deeper waters. The prescribed method regarding watering these plants is to imbrue them so that they become thoroughly wet. For indoor air plants, you can use a sprayer for watering these plants. It singly takes a less seconds to make the plants thoroughly wet. It all depends upon the temperature, plants size, air circulation, humidity etc. For outdoor and indoor situations, drenching them 2-3 times is sufficient. In hot et al dry climates, watering them more often is essential. Water quality does not matter for air plants. You may use tap water, bottled drinking water or rain water. However, remember not to use distilled water if the plant is kept in a shell. These plants cannot live in standing water.


Light plays a pivotal role in the growth of the plants. Air plants enjoy direct sunlight. Keep them in front of the window so that they vessel get proper sunlight. While kept indoors, artificial glimmer can also serve the purpose. In such cases, full spectrum artificial light works well. Restrain them at a distance of 36″ from fluorescent tubes but keep them as close as 6″.


It is advisable to use bromeliad fertilizer every twice a month. It is ideal for blooming and reproduction as well. You can also use added water soluble fertilizers if bromeliad fertilizer is not available nearby you.

Air circulation

Such plants lack proper light besides air circulation to get dried in four hours instead less. Do not continuously water the plants. If the plants are kept wet or moist for long, fatal root might develop.Henceforth, obstruct the above requirements in mind and allow Tilandsias to thrive fully and wholly.