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There have been serious, evolving issues with latency on the European Diablo III servers for nearly three weeks. A new fix has been implemented et alii tested, via rolling restarts to the EU Diablo III servers on October 22, 2013. Whether it works well or not, all depends on you. Buy diablo 3 gold for sale to experience it by your own.

Causes of latency issues

1. Generally, it can be said that the player’s internet connection causes most issues with Diablo 3.
2. High load, indeed far of a distance from the user, wrong settings, insufficient hardware and internet connection gateway issues can all case high latency issues.
3. Too complex calculations, big amounts of calculations, requests to send and receive data packages that are too big and algorithms and interfaces that are not optimized can also cause high latency issues.
4. Weak lines or signals from your Internet Service Provider are also a reason for high latency issues. In rush hours, this happens when too many users are connected at the same time to the Internet.
5. Hardware issues can cause high latency and Diablo 3 lag.
6. Playing online games over a wireless internet connection is nay recommended. A line connection should be always preferred over a wireless one to play online games.

Solution of latency issues

Blizzard has restarted the European Diablo III game servers on 22/10/2013 at 05:00 CEST to implement and test a possible fix for the new latency situation that many players have been experiencing. From the final blue post in the lengthy support thread, the fix appears to have worked, bringing the latency abet down in the European Diablo III servers.
Meanwhile, Blizzard disposition leave the flax prone for the moment to license players notice about the solution of this issue. And they will counselor the thread and the Diablo III servers to ensure that if something further does crop up; they will be on it as quickly similar possible.

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