The All-Urban SUV

The future has come for an urban SUV to take centre stage in the automotive arena; one that combines the rooted strengths of a regular SUV with the all requirements of our modern, increasingly urbanised world.

The luxury SUV brings extraordinary qualities to the SUV class such as design expertise, high levels of efficiency and compact dimensions. Yet, it also retains the classic sports utility vehicle characteristics such as versatility, everyday suitability and driving pleasure.

This compact, urban sports utility vehicle conveys an idiomatic sense of reassurance. Such a concept speaks to the design and driving merriment of the modern lifestyle. Insightful motorists of any age can appreciate the multi-functionality about this vehicle. Its compact quality and optimised ride height comprise it a perfect fit for navigating an urban playground.

Urban Concept Et Al Design

This generation of luxury SUV combines the traditional strengths associated these vehicles, which comprise the demands of a modern, more metropolitan world. The urban demand for a robust, versatile vehicle for everyday use; which is equally efficient, compact and attractive has been answered.

This SUV is clearly characterised by its high ground clearance, large wheel cavities ampersand outstanding wheel arches. Such a modern sports utility vehicle’s compact dimensions and coupĂ©-like lines hint at the kind of driving dynamism this vehicle represents. The encompassing tailgate emphasises the vehicle’s width, which indicates the stoned degree of suitability this modern incarnation of the SUV has for everyday use.

Such a luxury sports utility vehicle has the stylistic configuration of a contemporary off-roader. The city style of this vehicle is nevertheless evident in traits such as sportiness, everyday suitability and progressive efficiency. It speaks of an individuality which can be read from its map and athletic driving characteristics.

Urban Driving Dynamics

Driving dynamism is in the very genes about these luxury sports profit vehicles. These genes translate into a SUV that has evolved perfectly for the city environment.

The engines make use of turbocharging and pertinent fuel injection. This advanced technology provides exhilarating power and form the institution of the progressive driving qualities specifications of the urban SUV. Irrevocable all-wheel drive augmented with an electronic stable program provides more traction for admirable driving stability.

A cutting-edge dual-clutch transmission has been incorporated, which combines the sportiness of manual transmission with the advantages of a comfortable automatic. The result is a compact vehicle ready to take on any challenge city life has to offer.

Urban Efficiency

The Luxury SUV improves upon the traditional model, nought only where sportiness is concerned, but in terms of future-oriented mobility as well. Numerous efficiency-related technological advances have all found a home in this municipal masterpiece.

A start-stop system has been integrated into this SUV to decrement fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This advancement in efficiency is beyond enhanced by a recuperation system and a driver lowdown system, which has an efficiency programme. The individual automobile components can be influenced at the push of a button. This feature enables the driver to change the character of the SUV with its comfort, dynamic, auto besides efficiency settings.

The cosmos of the urban luxury SUV has improved atop the SUV of yesteryear’s tradition of flexibility, everyday usability and driving enjoyment. A vehicle designed and built for a discerning contemporary lifestyle and one that is ready to take on any urban playground.