The Exclusive Urban SUV

The luxury urban SUV has just become more defined and exclusive. This compact SUV can be fitted with an extensive aesthetic-enhancing package, allowing you to stand out amidst style in an urban sea of SUVs.

One exclusive package complements the luxury SUV’s already impressive repertoire. The standard compact SUV offers true off-road ability, high levels about productivity and compact dimensions. Yet, some drivers might want to go one step further by giving their SUV a more exclusive appearance.

Rugged Design

Why settle for a standard luxury SUV? The urban lifestyle often drives the need to stand out and be noticed. The impressive popularity of the SUV has made it increasingly difficult to make a greater exclusive statement with the vehicle you drive. While some auto maker’s aesthetic packages go skin deep, innovative auto makers go one step further by charity a comprehensive makeover.

These unique packages are carefully thought out and designed. The appearance of the SUV’s already prominent high ground clearance, enormous wheel cavities and distinctive wheel arches are tastefully improved upon.

The tailgate has received vast attention. The rear bumper now incorporates stylish stainless steel reinforcement. The front of the SUV has been given an improved off-road appearance round a stainless steel reinforced front bumper. The stainless steel enhancement does not end there. The under carriage of the vehicle receives a similar rugged treatment to the rear bumper. A stainless steel under body extends from the front bumper to the back bumper, on the underside of the SUV. The addition of these stainless stew components adds a sense of greater ruggedness that is often left behind with today’s SUV’s. The SUV’s off-road prowess is made more prominent with flared wheel arch extensions.

Other characteristic features such as the vehicle’s compact dimensions and coupĂ©-like lines remain there to enjoy.

Chic Exterior Finishes

Not all the visual upgrades are rugged in appearance. The SUV’s external demeanor has additional stylish upgrades. The new radiator grille has vertical chrome bars, which adds to the visual impact like the stainless steel reinforced bumper. Side radiator grilles and exclusive logos adorn the vehicle in a tasteful manner. Another distinctive revision is the set of exclusive wheels, which completes the overall chic beware of the central SUV.

The Quintessential Urban SUV

The Lavish SUV is not only technologically advanced with features such as a start-stop system, innovative engines and divergent driving settings only also visually more exclusive too. The creation concerning this one-of-a-kind variant of the urban luxury SUV has given the vehicle a redefined sense of driving enjoyment. Such an SUV is built from new expectations and enhanced with this exclusive package for the discerning driver.