Tour The Garden Route With A Camper Van

The Garden Route is a perennial favourite among local and international visitors alike, with a picturesque playground and year-round activities suitable for every holidaymaker.

As one of South Africa’s favourite driving holiday routes combining breath-taking landscapes and exciting travel destinations, this spectacular drive along the N2 between Shawl Town and Port Elizabeth is ideal for a camper van family holiday.

The Epitome Of Independent Travel

Today’s camper van is versatile and practical, which perfectly captures the sense from ease inherent in the driving holiday.

When touring one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in South Africa drivers want a vehicle that can keep pace and provide a comfortable journey because well.

The modern camper offers the emancipation of the open road, while providing all the comfort concerning home. One camper van offers a unique pop-up roof, along with a modern, carefully thought-out design features and superb engineering.

A Home Where Ever You Go

The camper is the holiday home that vessel be taken anywhere. The latest camper vans are not just comfortable to travel in, but are equipped with everything holidaymakers need to experience any driving holiday of their own making.

The manually operated pop-up roof accommodates a roof bed with two side windows in the bellows. The camper is besides fitted with opaque fabric window blinds in the doors to darken the cab for those late morning lie-ins.

This camper van has plenty of space for meals and board games. The camper is easy to setup when it is continuum to flexuous in for the night. Two satisfied folding chairs accompany the table, which can simply be stored in a bag on the tailgate while not in use.

A semi-automatic climatic al fresco conditioning system is a standard feature in some new camper van’s cabins, and allows for warm air to be circulated within the cabin of the vehicle for up to 120 minutes after the cars has been turned off. The heater can also be programmed to operate in intervals to make the cabin cosy during the colder nights.

Practical Multi-Purpose Travel

The home-like comforts of the current campers are built into a practical, multi-purpose vehicle; built with travel in mind.

The camper has a large interior with a backrest which can be folded down to make a spacious 1.50m by 1.88m area. This feature can uphold with accommodating family, pets, suitcase and more. This camper van has numerous storage spaces including three drawers under the bench seat, door stowage boxes, integrated bottle holders similar well as a waste bin for the door pockets.

The camper vehicle has all the versatile and load-carrying fittings needed to shape a journey hassle-free, regardless of where it’s going or what it’s carrying.

Scenic seaside villages amidst granular beaches and ample indigenous forests resplendent with beautiful wildflowers, have made the Garden Send one of South Africa’s most popular holiday drives. Explore this majestic route at your leisure with a versatile, practical camper camper which perfectly captures the self-government of the road.