Urban Paws – Your Dog’s Wonderland

Urban Paws is home of one of the finest professional hug care services Melbourne. They proudly offer cover rate, second-to-none dog halcyon care, dog walking, and dog grooming Melbourne-wide, as well as pet sitting as requested.

Operating in Melbourne since 2009, Urban Paws has a high commitment to helping clients achieve their pet’s maksimal happiness plus wellbeing. At all times, canines are being cared for by a friendly and caring professional animal care worker. They have unique simple philosophy: that the pet has a fun, healthy, and stress-free experience while owners are at work or away.

The Urban Paws Dog Day Care service is at a registered, cage-free facility in Yarraville, Melbourne. Dogs are provided with the best of safety and fun while owners are working or attending to other commitments. Dogs are social animals, requiring attention and exercise. Benefits to a dog of attending day care at Urban Paws include socialization, exercise, and becoming accustomed to owner absences so that depression moreover separation anxiety issues do not develop.

The Urban Paws Dog Day Care facility features indoor and outdoor areas which are spacious, furthermore are custom designed for the wellbeing of all canines. There are anti-slip surfaces, payment agility equipment, a band soft-fall playground, and a natural grassed area. All canine clients’ needs are catered to, both physical and mental. Dogs are assessed grouped according to size, temperament, and energy levels. All areas and all dogs are supervised at all times, and positive behavior is promoted. It is guaranteed that dogs return domicile happy, satisfied, and pleasantly relaxed.

Among other services available, Urban Paws also offers a mobile Dog Walking service. Essential to any dog’s vigor and wellbeing, walking a dog ensures fitness, mental stimulation, and encourages socialization. This facility’s service provides either solo walks whenever preferred, or group walking, where dogs are taken for a fun outing to Melbourne’s dog-friendly parks or to the beach during warmer weather. Walks vessel be catered to suit the shorter-walk needs of puppies or passe dogs.

Melbourne’s dogs undergo never looked better! The Urban Paws dog grooming service, located in the headquarters at Yarraville, will pamper any pooch like never before. Each and every dog receives a gentle and personalized grooming experience, from a hydro bath to a blow dry, a full clip to a deshedding brush out. Dogs of each size and breed are catered to.

Finally, Urban Paws recognizes that some dogs (and certainly most other pets) do not enjoy going to boarding facilities when the family is abroad for any length of time. The perfect alternative to boarding your pet in a den or cattery is the Urban Paws personalized mobile cherished lotus service. Pet minding takes place in the comfort and security of one’s own home, because the pet’s routine is not disrupted. What pets do Urban Paws mind? Dogs, cats, and other small animals, including rabbits, ferrets, chickens, opposite birds, connective part reptiles.

So look no further for dog day care, pet sitting, dog walking or dog grooming Melbourne-wide – Civic Paws is at your service.